Agent Rating Scale:
Can see this movie again and again!
I'm buying the DVD.
One watcher but good.
See it at the cheap seats.
Don't Bother!!!!


This TV show is really good. I love it, but of course I'm a Terminator fan. There has only been 3 episodes aired to date and they have all been great.

1/29/2008 NEXT

I was pleasently surprised with this movie. The movie really keeps you interested and is alot of fun. Go rent it today!


OH Geez did they mess up this franchise. Please don't go to this movie. If you are a fan of alien or predator you will be completely disappointed.

11/26/2007 MR BROOKS

Kevin Costner in a role that surprised me. He is a serial killer. The movie isn't that gory so don't be mislead. I think its a good one watcher. Check it out.

11/24/2007 MIAMI VICE

UM, this movie was a complete waste of my time. If you have the DVD and haven't watched it, please take it back and buy another DVD.

11/22/2007 THE MIST

The Mist is Steven Kings latest movie. This movie had a great story to it. Not only was it a little sci-fi but it teaches us about human nature. What people will do in extreme circumstances. I would watch the movie on the big screen its worth the $8.50 I paid. And you'll love the ending!!!

11/19/2007 THE CROW

The Crow is a early nineties movie, and it stands up well considering. I have this movie on DVD and haven't seen it for years. I rate this 4 stars because the gritty comic book feel of this movie is unique. Its dark and raining the entire movie. Although it may sound dull, the movie is really good. Brandon Lee the main actor plays a person brought back to life to have revenge on the people who killed his wife. Check this movie out its worth the rental fees.

11/16/2007 HIGH CRIMES

High Crimes stars Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman. This is the second time I watched this movie and I have the DVD. This is a good movie to watch if you haven't seen it. It has a great story and a nice surprise ending. Morgan Freeman is always great in any movie.

11/14/2007 MILLENNIUM

Lance Henriksen stars in this TV series that was on in the late ninety's. This series was created by Xfiles creator Chris Carter. Although the story was cut short with only 3 full seasons, I believe that the show had some really good episodes that you would really enjoy if your an xfiles fan. Go to the link on the left and check out some of the reviews.

10/29/2007 THE HITCHER

The (1986) version of the movie stars Rutger Hauer and C. Thomas Howell. It's a about a young man who is driving a car across the western states and he happens to pick up a hitch hiker. This is a great flick. My fiance' and I wanted to watch a semi horror movie in the spirit of halloween. I have seen this movie at least 5 or 6 times, its just one of those addictive movies that you have to watch over and over again. Rutger Hauer plays such a great evil character in this movie. Even though the movie is a little dated, I still think it holds up well. I have the DVD and I have seen it many times hence the 5 star rating.


Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton star in this chick flick I was drawn into watching by my fiance'. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I loved this movie. Jack is great in this movie and Diane plays his counterpart well. I recommend when its time to watch a movie with your significant other you watch this one.

10/19/2007 THE CONTRACT

This movie stars Morgan Freeman and John Cusack. Sorry but there is not much to write about. I got the movie on pay per view and wasted 4 bucks. The preview looked good and I usually like Morgan Freeman in most flicks but this one was a dud.


Just rented this the other night, Perfect Stranger stars Bruce Willis and Halle Barry. This movie kept my interest through the entire movie. It was one of those types of movies that you are trying to figure out "who done it". Very Nice Surprise Ending. Worth the rental fee, pick it up today.

10/6/2007 THE KINGDOM

WOW, its been a while since I saw a movie, well The Kindom was a great movie. I loved the ending. The ending had a lot of intense action, reminded me of a cross between "Black Hawk Down" and "Patriot Games". I would say its worth its ticket at the movies.

9/9/2007 CLICK

It was time to watch a comedy, I had bought the Click DVD a while ago and just never watched it. Adam was typical Adam in this movie with his unique sense of humor. It wasn't a Happy Gilmore or Waterboy, but I still had a lot of laughs with this movie. The rating I would give this movie would be between a 3 to 4 star, but since I already have the movie it's a four. Have fun with it.

9/4/2007 THE NUMBER 23

Jim Carrey plays in a serious role for once instead of a goof. The movie was surprisingly good. I actually never left the couch. The movie runs about 1 1/2 and I would say its a "One Watcher". Enjoy it, it has a surprise ending.


This was a old (1984) Steven King movie I borrowed from a friend, I'm sorry I wasted the gas money to pick it up. Even though the premise of the story is a good one, the movie itself was long and boring and I fell asleep 2x.

8/20/2007 THE SHOOTER

If you like action with a good government conspiracy story, then The Shooter is for you. Mark Walberg plays a great action character in this movie. This movie kept my interest the entire time. I believe this is one of those movies that you don't expect to be good and it surprises you! Have fun and cook alot of popcorn, because the movie is over 2 hours.

8/15/2007 GHOST RIDER

I was amazed that Nic Cage did a MARVEL movie. I was disappointed in this movie. Although it did have great special effects and I've always loved Sam Elliot as an actor, I felt compelled to watch it to its end just for those two points only. If you can't rent it for a buck don't bother.


Good movie, if you like the Hannibal movies this really shows how Hannibal came to be the monster that he is. Check this one out its worth the rental fees.


Excellent movie for those of you who love action and a great story, I personally think this is one of Matts best movies.